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What used to be called communications, marketing and advertising, these days is often referred to as “content.” And in today’s economy, content is king! What is content? At the heart of it, it is your story; the story of your brand, your product and services. There is a reason why you’ve built what you’ve built, but that story often gets lost or diluted. There also seems to be more attention put on the various channels and platforms that share content than the content itself. While both are important, it is definitely putting the cart before the horse if your story is not clear. I pride myself on helping individuals and companies find such clarity and empower them to build authetic customer engagement and brand loyalty based on it.

For the last 20+ years, I have worked with numerous global brands and startups alike to define and tell their stories, mostly through video and digital content. One size does not fit all. As a consultant, I identify what works best for your company, (existing and potential) customers and industry. I then design sustainable systems for maintaining , sharing and scaling the content, whether they be written, visual, experiential/immersive or social.

If and when needed, I engage the talented collective at Slay to execute on the plan and tailor the team to the specific needs of the project or campaign at hand.

Contact me via the form below or send an email to: 360 Langton Street Suite 201 San Francisco California 94103 415.902.3456

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